The Hague Coach Hike
Solve your problem. Enjoy The Hague

You are a guest to The Hague
Maybe you are here for work,
maybe you have some spare time
You would like to take a hike into nature
Or see the highlights of the city center
But where to start? How to make it a smooth hike, without having to use a map?

And you definitely need to clear your head, make some space,
while enjoying the views
There is a question on your mind

Maybe it’s personal. Maybe work related
It would help if you could talk about it,
book a coach session, do some sparring.

Hi! Meet Freya and Marianne
Marianne Zuur is a certified systemic coach Freya is a calm and loyal husky
Together we are pro’s in helpful hikes
We assist you in solving that issue
While walking you around town,
or into nature and onto the beach.

A walk would normally last 2 to 3 hours.
We will speak English, Dutch, Spanish, French or German.
You will wear comfy clothes and walking shoes
And bring a small back backpack and some water
We will sign a coaching contract
You can contact me for more information
And you can make your booking here

This is a Marianne Zuur coaching service, and coaching service only. 
There will be no other services included.