Marianne Zuur | Together in Motion

My name is Marianne Zuur. I assist professionals with a next step in cooperation: to co-create joint directions, reach consented decisions, sustainable results, and act upon them. I am a change agent. You can engage me as a chairperson, a team developer, a visual harvester, or as a coach. I work with professionals, citizen groups and individuals in transitions. A short resumé can be found here.

Here are my 8 keys to successful innovation and transition:

The Art of Hosting – is about creating a safe environment in which all participants are seen and heard and will contribute. I will create this holding space by being appreciative, impartial and independent, by listening, backed up by in depth knowledge of a broad range of topics and skills.

The Art of Chairing – is about a realistic design of the programme (agenda), formulating and upholding meeting rules, and about attitude – the attitude of no attitude. The art of chairing is also about inclusion: inviting all participants and collecting all perspectives. Lastly, it is about asking the right questions – also the stupid ones – and about summarising in clear language.

The Art of Dialogue – is first and fore-mostly about listening. The art of listening entails the entire body expressing listening, completed by active listening skills, inviting participants to do the same. It is about hearing what is said and what is not said – between the lines and into tones and rhythm. It is about inviting emotions and reflection. And it is about creating an ambience of joint generative listening.

The Art of Learning – is about timing and about combining experience, reflection and theory – in order to acquire insight, overview, knowledge and skills.

The Art of Heroism – is about leading by example. About your heroes journey. That might require superman action. Or it might require hanging in there, resisting, witnessing, enduring, acceptance. It is about transparency and reliability: to say what you do and do as you say. And, in the end, it is about putting your money where your mouth is: to be the change you wish to see.

The Art of being – is about bringing the heart to the table, appreciating all perspectives, about transforming endurance into joy, and about the beauty in the eyes of the beholder.

The Art of teaming up – is about experiencing the importance of being playful next to being Ernest, about the ordening and the right order, about standing and standing up, and about reciprocity, building together, balance and Flow. This setting enables us to talk about trust and our complementing competences and qualities, about our team’s purpose and challenges, setting goals and actions. Last but not least, it is all about the art of exchanging feed back.

And, finally, the Art of LOVE – is about Learning to Lead and Leave, Offering to serve, unVeiling Vulnerability, and Existing to Ease up, in order to ease on down the road. The art of L.O.V.E. is like music in its rhythmed and rhymed interchange of both expression and listening. In being struck, being touched, being … in a motion. Love is the Magic every project and every team effort needs to be sustainable.