Marianne in het kort / in short

Marianne Zuur werkt sinds 2008 als facilitator en gespreksleider en vanaf 2010 als teamcoach. Sinds 2017 werkt ze als zelfstandig ondernemer. Ze begeleidt bewonersparticipatie in de energietransitie en coacht professionals en teams naar een volgende stap in hun ontwikkeling. In haar werk maakt zij gebruik van dialoog technieken, systemische analyse en creatieve werkvormen. Marianne doet sinds 2018 ook zakelijke tekenopdrachten.

Marianne is geschoold als jurist (1989-1996) en systemisch veranderkundige (2016-2018).
Ze werkte als bedrijfsjurist (1996-1998) en als beleidsmedewerker, projectleider, facilitator en veranderkundige bij de Rijksoverheid (1998-2017).

Marianne Zuur has been working as a change agent, facilitator and chairperson for 15 years. She developed skills and knowledge at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs where she was employed as a project manager and policy maker for 20 years. Exploring various themes in international trade and development, technological innovation and ICT, sustainable energy and climate, and organisational change management. In 2017 Marianne started her own business where she now specialises in community engagement, team building and systemic coaching. She is also regularly asked to provide illustrations for meetings and publications.

Marianne is valued for her talent to invite people in meetings to make the genuine connections needed to foster cooperation. She does so by encouraging participants to enjoy creative and systemic interventions, by being an excellent listener and leading the group in this example. Marianne is experienced in combining vision and action, overview and detail, results and relationship. Her core values are inclusion, mutual esteem, and resourcefulness.