My name is Marianne Zuur

As a change agent I work in various roles.
You can hire me as a facilitator, chairperson, coach.
Or as a visual harvester
I assist professionals with the next step in cooperation.
This set of cards illustrates the value that my work could add to you, your team, your organization.
Curious as to how we could work together?
You can contact me on:
06 24 134 106

As an independent chairperson, I can assist you in designing and leading your meeting in order to achieve sustainable results. Thanks to my extensive knowledge on a broad range of topics I can keep up with any subject matter. What makes me particularly successful as a chairperson are my excellent dialogue and systemic skills and my warm, cheerful, discrete yet firm personality. These key strengths help me facilitate appropriate interaction in your meeting.

In a multilingual setting, I can communicate in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.


Marianne Zuur has been working as a facilitator and chairperson for 12 years. She developed her skills and knowledge at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, where she was employed as a project manager and policy maker for 20 years in various departments such as International Trade & Development, Technological Innovation & ICT, Sustainable Energy & Climate and Organizational Change Management. In 2017, Marianne started her own business where she now specializes in community engagement, team building and systemic coaching.
She is also regularly asked to provide illustrations for meetings and publications.

Marianne is greatly valued for her amazing flexibility which allows her to effortlessly switch between action and strategy, overview, insight and detail, results and relationships. Her core values are inclusion, mutual esteem and resourcefulness.

“Sustainable results are only achieved when head, heart and hands are connected. This is where my focus lies in every meeting.”